If you are facing issues when Vidmate APK on your device then you have landed right website

Vidmate App makes your life easier because it provides you with many more premium features for free.

Now, are you thinking about how this app is different from others? This is only a video downloading app like other apps.

Well, this is not only a video download apk. But also, this app provides you with many magical features. Using this app, you can use many premium features for the free up cost.

By using this app, you can easily download WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook status, you can easily convert videos to mp3, and you can also be able to download 4k videos in it and lots more.

Below we discuss what you should do when facing a Vidmate downloading issue, how to download it successfully, why this is the best app, what its features are, why we recommended it, and many more, so stay tuned with us.

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What Is Vidmate ApK?

Vidmate is an application that is famous for multi-tasking. In simple language, vidmate is a popular and unique android application that allows you to download social media videos and statuses from Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, snap tube, etc.

The overall interface of this application is very simple, straightforward, usable, and unique compared to any other app. Its simplicity makes it unique and lovable. That’s why users loved it too much.

It also comes with many more features. Its main intention is to provide you with more and more premium features free of cost so that users can be delighted with them.

Using Vidmate app, you can explore more than 200+ channels at a time, and This is the most premium feature that is not available on any other apps.

Now let’s deeply talk about Vidmate application’s features and other specifications.

Fast Download

Easy Access

Status Download


Details Of Vidmate Apk

  Application NameVidmate Apk Official
GenreVideo editors, video players, and audio players
Latest Version5.0621
Updated OnRecently
DeveloperVidMate Studio

Features & Specifications

4k Video Watching Experience

Vidmate allows you to watch full HD and a 4k video-watching experience. I noticed that many applications are available on the internet and provide a watching experience, but they don’t offer you to watch 4k videos.

If you want to watch 4k videos, then you must purchase premium plans. But using Vidmate, you can easily do this without spending a single rupee.

vidmate apk

Status Saver

Vidmate comes with many premium features, which is also a magical feature they provide us. If you are a status lover and want to download someone’s WhatsApp status, Instagram story, Facebook story, etc., Then using vid mate, you can easily download these statuses with only a single click.

Vidmate allows you to download all of this status by clicking the download button. This is also a premium feature that vidmate provides us.

Videos to mp3 Converter

Now you don’t need to install any other third-party applications to convert videos to mp3 Songs. Because this app also provides you the feature which can convert all videos to mp3 songs.

Using this application, you not only save time converting all videos to mp3 songs but also this software provides you to download high-quality 320KBPS song download option. Using this, you can download many videos and audio without limitations. 

vidmate downloading

High-Speed Downloading Experience

This application allows you to download videos, audio, mp3 songs, and mp4 videos with 10X faster downloading than any other apps.

Other apps provide an expected normal download speed, if you want to download these videos at high speed, they ask you to purchase their premium plan. But in this case, you will not need to buy any premium plan. That’s why we call this the best all-rounder app.

Low Storage Required

This app is required only 18 MB in your mobile to install. This is a very lightweight app that is available for all types of devices because of its low storage consumption feature, and that’s why most users love this app. 

User-Friendly Database and Interface

Its user-friendly interface makes it unique and more usable. It is an easy-to-use interface that attracts users to use this. This app is made for all types of users. All kinds of users can use this easily.

Live TV Channels

This app provides you to watch live tv channels without paying a single rupee. Using this app, you can manage your favourite movies, cartoons, tv serials, and cooking episodes without paying him. There are 200+ channels available in Vidmate.

Unlimited Download Feature

This app provides you to download unlimited videos, audio, Mp3, Mp4, images, documents, files, etc. There will be no limitations to downloading these. Many apps provide download options, but they set downloading criteria; if you cross their downloading standards, they ask you to purchase their plan.

But in Vidmate app, there will be no downloading criteria available. You can download unlimited files, audio, videos, and documents free of cost.

Share Option

In this app, you can share your videos, audio, files, documents, etc. For sharing in this app, you will get many sharing options like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, linked in, Pinterest, etc.

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How To Download YouTube, Facebook, And Instagram Videos Using Vidmate App

Now let us describe how you can download YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram videos using the vidmate application. Let’s learn it step by step.

How To Download Vidmate Application On Your Phone

How To Download YouTube Videos

How To Download Facebook Videos

How To Download Instagram Reels Or Videos Using The Vidmate App


How do you use vidmate app?

If you want to use the vidmate app, copy the video link you wish to download. Just copy the video link and paste it into vidmate and download it. This is the simple way to use the vidmate app.

Is Vidmate secure or not?

The vidmate application is a 100% secure application.

Can I convert videos into mp3 using vidmate app?

Yes- you can easily convert all videos into mp3 songs with just a single click.

Can I download unlimited videos using the vidmate app?

Yes, of course. There will be no criteria to download unlimited videos in the vidmate apk.

Is it free to use the vidmate app?

Yes, this is 100% to use.

Can I download 1080P Videos in Vidmate app?

Yes of course vidmate app can download 1080P videos.

For MAC Vidmate app available or not?

In current situation NO.

Final Word

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